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Various Benefits of Eating Shrimp and the Risks for Health

Shrimp is one type of seafood or seafood that is popular. Besides having a delicious taste, shrimp also offers many health benefits. But in some people, eating shrimp actually risks causing health problems. If consumed within reasonable limits, shrimp provides many health benefits, one of which is helping the formation of new cells in the body. But if consumed too much, shrimp can cause various health problems, such as increased levels of cholesterol in the blood. Nutrition Content and Benefits of Eating Shrimp Shrimp is one seafood that is rich in nutrients. In 85 grams of cooked shrimp, there are 84 calories and 20 grams of protein. Shrimp also contain various important minerals that the body needs, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. In addition, shrimp also contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and iodine which are good for the body. Interestingly, the fat content in shrimp is relatively low. The abundant nutritional content makes s
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Information About False Eyes You Need to Know

Fake eye or eye prosthesis is artificial eye that is installed for someone who has lost eye. Fake eye can be used by men and women of various ages. An accident or illness can not only cause a person to lose vision, but also lose his eyeballs. This situation can reduce self-confidence due to unusual appearance. Although it cannot restore vision, false eyes can make a normal appearance and restore confidence. The fake eye in question is not in the form of a ball, but only the outer arch with an image of the white and black parts of the eye that looks like the original. Before installing a false eye, you need to undergo an eyeball implant (orbital implant) first. It aims to fill the eye socket, then the fake eye can be used. Orbital implants can be done with synthetic materials or fat grafts that come from the patient's own body. To make a fake eye, you can find an ocular, someone who is an expert in making fake eyes. How to Use Fake Eyes After undergoing eyeball implants and m

Understanding the Functions and Safe Ways of Using Antiseptics for Wounds

Antiseptics are chemical compounds that function to inhibit or slow the growth of microorganisms, even able to kill germs. Antiseptics are generally used when dealing with wounds, also during certain operations or procedures with the aim of reducing the risk of infection. Many types of antiseptic products available on the market. However, do not carelessly choose and use antiseptics to clean wounds. Some antiseptic products are known to cause irritation which will inhibit wound healing. Using Antiseptics in Wound Care Wound care often makes the wound feel sore, this is often a reason for being reluctant to treat the wound properly. In addition, some wound cleansers and antiseptics that are used, may cause irritation to the wound tissue and surrounding skin. It is important to choose the right wound cleanser and antiseptic, to treat the wound well and avoid pain. Let's find out more about the choice of solutions that are often used to clean and treat wounds: Alcohol Thi